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The Fast-track to Your Highly Profitable Online Course

If you want to make serious bank selling online courses and programs


Having high-quality course material is simply not enough.


I will provide all the services you need to create a professionally-designed online course.



  • Since the year 2000, the eLearning industry has experienced a growth of 900%

  • In 2015 the eLearning market was worth around $165 billion

  • It is estimated to reach $240 billion by 2023

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to reach as many clients as possible selling high-ticket coaching programs without increasing workload


to provide students easy access to training and advice through high-ticket programs online boosting efficiency 


to optimize teaching any particular skill (such as beauty tutorials, creative skills, or even academic subjects) through an online platform


to create passive income by leveraging your know-how and capitalize on your audience and network


The eCourse Guru-02.png

Our content creation services help you transform your valuable information and know-how into a lucrative eCourse that you can profit from again and again and again!

Hi, I'm Brittany!


I'm an entrepreneur, graphic designer, world traveler, and filmmaker with a passion for helping people create content for their online courses. I graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor's degree in film and continued my education abroad in Italy, getting a Master's degree in graphic design. 

After finishing my studies, I wanted to travel the world. I was finished with school, but I knew that I would never finish being a "student." My love for learning attracted me to online courses.


Technology today is amazing because I can be in Thailand learning about investing from an expert in New York, or in Barcelona studying reiki healing from a practitioner in India! I am passionate about online learning because it not only spreads knowledge and information, but also brings people of diverse cultures closer together in our humanity.

 I am thrilled to be giving back to the eLearning community by contributing my design and tech skills and collaborating with other peoples' knowledge and expertise.

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Let's get a few things straight...

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The eCourse Guru-14.png
The eCourse Guru-14.png


Your online course needs to have...

An eye-catching logo and branding for your course

Beautiful worksheets and eBooks to help your students learn the material


Professional lecture slides that have the "wow" effect

High quality voiceover to go along with your slides

online income is just better.

STOP leaving money on the table by not having your course done and launched!


You're probably too busy working IN your business to work ON your business.


But honey, enough is enough!

This is your year to put an end to the endless #hustle and remember why you started your business... to help your clients.

You can help more people with an online course. 

You will have more earning potential with an online course.

And here's the best part: you can do all this without it costing you more time.

So seriously what are you waiting for?!

I know, I know...

You don't know where to start. 

Well you're in luck!

I am offering a completely FREE program to get your course started.




"Brittany is amazing! Words cannot fully describe her skills, abilities, speed, effectiveness, friendliness, and intelligence all wrapped up in one person. She added so much value to my project that I want her working on everything and anything related to my course that she can help me with. She is truly the eCourse guru."

-Dave Asomaning, Ph.D, Business and Spirituality Coach

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You are sitting on a gold mine.

The knowledge and expertise you have is worth every penny to your customers.

The only question is: what do you have to do you get started?

What Clients are Saying

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"My experience was absolutely wonderful! I was so impressed with how well she listened, executed and communicated with me throughout the project. She has a sincere passion to meet her clients desires- and I must say, she definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m not only using her services moving forward; but I will gladly refer her to my clients."


- Minesha White, Ph.D, Entrepreneurship Coach

"High quality product! Very pleased. Outstanding experience! Brittany is very patient and flexible. She completed an audio project for my video course and the results were amazing. I am seconds away from asking her to help me with my next project. I highly recommend her services to others looking to create highly profitable e-courses. Don't wait. Buy now."


-Clishea, DIY Hair Care Specialist

"Brittany was fantastic to deal with, she listened to my ideas and created a product that was spot on! Will definitely be using her services again for future projects!"


-Alex Strobel, Equestrian Life Mindset Coach

"Brittany consistently delivers enormous value in every way!

A pure delight to work with."


- Dave Asomaning, Ph.D, Business and Spirituality Coach

"Very quick and provided quality work with supporting rationale. Brittany even used her expertise to help me make some critical decisions. I would definitely work with her again and would recommend her services to someone else. I like working with Britt because she's smart and flexible."


-Maria Succes, Business Coach

"Fantastic delivery! Even did research outside her comfort zone to deliver a very technical presentation. Personable and great work ethic.

Can't recommend highly enough."


-Ryan Braley, Software Engineer & Big Data Specialist

"Brittany is excellent. You won't be disappointed.

She's creative, attentive, and fast."


- Michelle Carvalho, Self-Love Coach

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"Brittany is beyond awesome, she knows her stuff. She really helped me with awesome ideas for my upcoming online course. I would highly recommend her."

-Lonnie, Elite dance instructor

Modern Ballet Dancers
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This isn't an ordinary online product.


This is an investment.

An asset.

The return on investment you'll make is more than what you'll pay

Just by selling your course over and over again.

This is an opportunity to create passive residual income.


Your decision could change everything.

You are just a few clicks away from your potential


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Do you have payment plans?

Yes! Some may be qualified to make payments using PayPal credit, which offers 0% interest re-payment when paid back in full within 6 months. Inquire if you're interested in using this option to pay for any of our products or services.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital products and services, there is no way to "return" a file, and it would thus be counterproductive to our business model to freely allow refunds. If you are not satisfied with products or services that you receive from us, we would be happy to answer any questions or provide tips to help you get the most out of your purchase. With that said, please be sure to always read the terms and conditions to understand what you are purchasing in advance.

Do you guarantee that I will make money selling my course?

Nothing in life is guaranteed! But here are some stories that personally inspired me... Christopher Stafford - made $35k selling his very first online course Sabrina Philipp - a 23 year old who became a self-made millionaire through selling her online courses Nick Walter - made $66,533 in just 30 days of launching his first online course Kathrin Zenkina - started as a prolific manifestation coach but now exclusively teaches via eCourses to free up her time and help more people name a few As you can see, it doesn't matter your background, age, gender, or website platform. Success comes to those who actually DO THE DAMN THING and believe in themselves! These people (no offense to them) have nothing special, nothing that you don't have. This could be you!

How much can I charge for my eCourse?

Online courses are going for anywhere from $15 to $10,000+! It really depends on your credibility, the value of the information you're providing, and the quality/presentation of your course (which will be top-notch thanks to the eCourse Guru!)

How can The eCourse Guru help me with my online course?

We have two different pathways to getting your eCourse done and launched as quickly and successfully as possible: 1. The (Almost) Do-It-Yourself Method You can sign up for a program that walks you through every single step of the course creation process. We have done this process many times and have synthesized our strategy into a "secret sauce" that you can replicate for your course, and again for your second, third, and fourth courses at no extra cost to you! We provide all the business strategy, professional-grade design templates, and winning scripts you could need to make it step-by-step and newbie-proof. With this program, we make it clear and simple, and you'll never ask, "What's next?" until you're waking up to money in your PayPal and realizing that you can take a day - or a month - off your business to celebrate your successful course launch! This process begins with our FREE program "The eCourse Accelerator" which helps you solidify your idea so you can start creating and launching in no time. 2. The Totally Done-For-You Method If your budget allows - and your schedule does not - you can hire us to create your custom signature online course for you. Don't lift a finger. Your job begins and ends with coming up with your million dollar idea. But don't worry, we can help you with that too! If you want to go down this track, we also reccommend our FREE program "The eCourse Accelerator" so that you can solidify your idea and goals for your online course to best inform us how we can help you accomplish those. Click here to sign up for "The eCourse Accelerator" so we can brainstorm together to set you on the right trajectory to reach your goals!

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