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Turn Your Passion Into an Income-Generating Online Course

Your business can benefit from this untapped income stream.


Your only job is to do what you do best.


I will walk you through the entire process and build the course for you.



  • Since the year 2000, the eLearning industry has experienced a growth of 900%

  • In 2015 the eLearning market was worth around $165 billion

  • It is estimated to reach $240 billion by 2023

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to reach as many clients as possible without increasing the workload


to optimize learning through an online platform


to inspire and motivate fitness goals to distant clients


to provide students easy access to training and advice


to create a special channel of engagement with the audience


to provide easy-to-follow, well-packaged, learning modules for followers


with valuable information to share

(and wants to profit from doing it!)


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This all-inclusive package will transform your valuable information and know-how into a lucrative eCourse that you can profit from again and again and again!

Hi, I'm Brittany!


I'm an entrepreneur, graphic designer, world traveler, and filmmaker. I graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor's degree in film and continued my education abroad in Italy, getting a Master's degree in graphic design. 

After finishing my studies, I wanted to travel the world. I was finished with school, but I knew that I would never finish being a "student." My love for learning attracted me to online courses.


Technology today is amazing because I can be in Thailand learning about investing from an expert in New York, or in Barcelona studying reiki healing from a practitioner in India! I am passionate about online learning because it not only spreads knowledge and information, but also brings people of diverse cultures closer together in our humanity.

After having taken so many online courses myself, I am thrilled to be giving back to the eLearning community by contributing my design and tech skills and collaborating with other peoples' knowledge and expertise.

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Eye-catching brand logo for your course

Seamless website and eCourse platform

Sales page that actually attracts potential clients

Professional copywriting for your sales page

Custom designed printed workbook and eBook pdf to supplement course material

Quizzes and activities integrated into the course

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The eCourse Guru-14.png
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BONUS: A to Z production formula to keep you organized and on-task

BONUS: Customized Mailchimp email campaigns to send your potential clients

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Graphic design

Web development

Domain names

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The eCourse Guru-14.png

Honing your skills

Expanding your expertise

Developing your personal brand

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The eCourse Guru-13.png

Email marketing


Making a workbook

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The eCourse Guru-14.png

Growing your following

Engaging with your audience

Being your amazing self

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"I am no expert on media, content, design but thankfully for me, Brittany is! What would’ve cost me precious time and painful headaches for a product not even half as good or even comparable, Brittany did with ease and skill."

-Grace D., Traveler and Spirituality Blogger

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Design Magazine

Branding + Strategy


The eCourse Guru will work one-on-one with you as you solidify your course topic and select a unique title. The brand identity for your course will be created accordingly including a logo, fonts, and colors, designed specially for your audience.

Laptop Writing

eCourse Enabled Website


The eCourse Guru will custom-build an attractive sales page for your course with a custom URL, easy payment functionality, and professional sales copywriting.

The internal course will have a user-friendly learning interface complete with modules, lectures, quizzes, assignments, and exams.

Adult Students

Supplemental Media


The eCourse Guru will create a promotional video for your sales page, launch an automated email marketing campaign, and design a customized workbook for your students to accompany your course material. You will be shipped a printed proof copy for approval upon completion. 

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The eCourse Guru

Official Workbook


You will receive a printed workbook by mail to assist you in you planning your strategy, creating your teaching material, 

and staying right on schedule throughout the entire program.

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Everything you need to launch your eCourse is included for

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Grace is a traveler and spirituality blogger living the absolute dream.

Here's what she had to say about her experience with The eCourse Guru...

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I understand that not everyone will be able to afford the $1,999 price tag.

For those in that group, I came up with

a smarter and more affordable option.

Did you know that you can sell your eCourse

before you even create it!?





Purchase the Fundraiser Package for just $249

I create a custom sales page to promote and sell your future eCourse

When enough people pre-enroll in your course,  you can create your course

(for free! -- and maybe have extra cash leftover too!)

You're ready to create your eCourse and then sell it again and again!

For more details, click here to download this Infographic PDF.

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"I’ve always wanted to teach people how to make films, but I never knew where to start! I found Brittany’s program and thought, 'This is it!'"

-Donovan W., Filmmaker

Post Production
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This isn't an ordinary online product.


This is an investment.

An asset.

The return on investment you'll make is more than what you'll pay

Just by selling your course over and over again.

This is an opportunity to create passive residual income.


Your decision could change everything.

You are just a few clicks away from your potential


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Is this a "do-it-yourself course" on how to make a course?

No way! This is by no means a do-it-yourself course builder. This is a one-on-one, collaborative, custom made course built by me! Not you. You just provide the lecture videos. However, I have purposely structured my information and method of working with you into the same format that I would structure an eCourse. This serves the purpose of giving you an idea of what your eCourse format will look and feel like as well as providing information to help you understand what we will be doing together throughout this process.

How much time do I need to dedicate to making this course?

Here are my best estimates for your time obligations: Week 1: 2 hours Week 2: 3 hours Week 3: 6-8 hours* This is the most time consuming, as you will be recording your lectures Week 4: 1-2 hours This is just an ESTIMATE. You may finish in more or less time depending on a number of variables.

Can you tell me more about the process?

Here's how it typically goes: Don't worry, this will sound like a lot of work... and it is! But not for you! This is just a suggested timeline and actual timeline may vary. Week 1:

  • We identify what it is you want to teach
  • We identify your target audience/ideal client
  • We create an identity for your course
    • Name, logo, colors, style, look, feel, etc.
  • I make a custom brand identity and style guide for you
  • We break down your course material into modules and sections
  • You conduct any research, if needed, to create the lectures
  • You approve everything so we can proceed
Week 2:
  • You write down as much information as possible on each subject
    • This doesn't even need to be complete sentences, as long as it's enough for you to understand it and lecture on it
  • I register your domain name based on your official course title
  • I start assembling the sales page, course page, and workbook outline
  • I hire the copywriter for your sales page
  • You approve everything so we can proceed
Week 3:
  • You record any video lectures you want included
    • (you just need an iPhone or HD camera, nothing fancy)
  • You record any audio lectures you want included
    • (cell phone microphone works)
  • Note: The recording should take several hours of your time, but this is the hardest part, and pretty much the last thing you do
  • I upload your lecture videos to the course interface
Week 4:
  • I finalize the workbook and order the proof print to your mailing address
  • I create quizzes, tests, and homework assignments based on your material
  • I design the automated email ads for potential clients who visit your site
  • You approve everything, or we do any revisions that you see fit
  • You can LAUNCH by the end of the 4th week!
  • I give you marketing consultation to set you up for an awesome launch and a tornado of paying clients!

What do I need to have ready before we start?

The only thing you need is the desire and drive to turn this dream into a reality! Other things that would be helpful (but are not essential) to have before starting:

  • An idea of what you would like to teach
  • A series of professional looking photos of yourself (5-10)
  • A social media or in-person following of people who might want to buy your course

Are there any other costs I should be aware of?

I will not charge you any additional fees besides the flat prices you see here on the Investment page. All of the various tools that you need for your course are included in your package. As your eCourse will be a website, there are some standard web maintenance costs to be aware of. Your website hosting fees will cost around $15 per month with You will also be responsible to pay for your domain hosting fee (after the first year) which cost rougly $12 annually. Finally, you may want to invest some money into getting professional photos taken of yourself if you don't have any already. Your course is, at the end of the day, selling YOU, so you want to look as professional and presentable as possible.

Do you have payment plans?

Of course! Firstly, we reccommend our "Fundraiser Package" option, in which you pay only $249 to get started and have your students pay YOU to make the course. See the Investment page to sign up for this option! Additionally, some may be qualified to make payments using PayPal credit, which offers 0% interest re-payment when paid back in full within 6 months. Inquire if you're interested in using this option.

What is your refund policy?

Because building an eCourse takes hours upon hours of work, I cannot offer any refunds. If you are not happy with your eCourse at the end of the program, I can make up to 2 revisions of the course to satisfy your needs and requests. If you sign up to make a course, but don't follow through on your obligations, I also cannot give refunds, as I am working hard on your course from day 1. Additionally, if you sign up for the "Fundraiser Package" and do not receive enough funding to produce your course, your pre-enrolled students will receive 100% of their money back, however your $200 investment toward creating your fundraiser will not be refunded.

What kind of person should make an online course with the eCourse Guru?

I got into this business because I wanted to help anyone become capable of having their own online course! Everyone has something to teach! This opportunity is best for those who are:

  • Excited to share their unique skills and expertise
  • Interested in supplementing their income
  • Searching for a way to work LESS and earn MORE
  • Too busy to spend hundreds of hours building a course
  • BONUS if you already have a built-in audience, as those will have a fast-track toward getting clients to buy the course

Do you guarantee that I will make money selling my course?

Nothing in life is guaranteed! But here are some stories that personally inspired me... Christopher Stafford - made $35k selling his very first online course Sabrina Philipp - a 23 year old who made hundreds of thousands, and recently a million dollar launch, selling her online courses with almost no prior experience Nick Walter - made $66,533 in just 30 days of launching his first online course Kathrin Zenkina - started as a prolific manifestation coach but now exclusively teaches via eCourses to free up her time and help more people name a few As you can see, it doesn't matter your background, age, gender, or website platform. Success comes to those who actually DO THE DAMN THING and believe in themselves! These people (no offense to them) have nothing special, nothing that you don't have. This could be you!

Will I have full ownership of my finished course?

Yes! You will have 100% ownership of your course. Payments will be sent directly from the website into your account when anyone purchases. I will transfer the site ownership over to you as soon as we're finished building the course and all payments have been finalized, it's yours to keep for as long as you'd like!

How much can I charge for my eCourse?

Online courses are going for anywhere from $15 to $5,000! It really depends on your credibility, the value of the information you're providing, and the quality/presentation of your course (which will be high-quality AF thanks to me!)

Why shouldn't I use another course-builder website?

There are several alternative course-builder websites out there, but no website offers you a complete do-it-for-you service as conveniently as The eCourse Guru. Not to mention...

  • They offer little to no customization options on the course interface
  • They smear their ugly logo all over your beautiful website and course
  • You'd be completely doing it yourself (and ain't nobody got time for that!)
  • They take commissions out of every sale you make... FOREVER!
    • or:
  • They charge you high monthly fees for the platform's services... FOREVER!
Whereas The eCourse Guru...
  • Creates a customized brand identity and logo for you to use on everything
  • Puts YOUR logo all over your site and course, no third party logo
  • Helps you customize every. single. thing. according to your brand
  • Provides one-on-one assistance in creating your course every step of the way
  • Literally builds the thing for you
  • Takes NO commissions on course sales, EVER.
  • Charges no fees for you to keep your course running, EVER.

How does the "Fundraiser Package" work?

"It takes money to make money" is a popular quote, but it's not exactly true! The "Fundraiser Package" proves that for you. I will help you sell your eCourse before you even make it. Please download this Infographic PDF to make all the juicy details super simple! Basically we will strategically crowdfund your course production fees from your future students. This option is excellent to anyone who already has a trusty following of people who might be interested in buying a course from you. Just by announcing that you are going to launch an online course, your followers will have an opportunity to pre-enroll in your course, and this will entirely fund your course creation and maybe put some cash in your pocket up front too!

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Did somebody say, "FREE?"

Notepad on Desk
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Oh, I almost forgot to mention that for a limited time only I am offering FREE access to my mini course about creating passive income through digital products, by working from anywhere in the world!