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The #1 Worksheet That Every eCourse Needs

Whether you're teaching business, yoga, or dog whispering, your online course would greatly benefit from this worksheet design and these 3 questions.

There are three essential worksheet questions that every eCourse can use!

No matter what your course is teaching, your students will benefit from a time of reflection before starting the course. Here are the three questions to ask your students at the beginning of any course.

Here are the three golden questions:

  1. What compelled you to sign up for this [TOPIC: business / yoga / dog whispering] course?

  2. What are your goals for the course? Be as specific as possible.

  3. How will accomplishing these goals improve your life and why is this important to you?

When distributing this worksheet to your students, you should explain that this exercise is a method of them discovering their "why." The first two questions will help and guide the student toward the answer to the third question, which will ultimately define their motivating factor in taking this course. Identifying this "why" creates a source of motivation which empowers them to give the course their full attention, energy, and effort. Here are sample responses to the three questions using each sample course topic to illustrate the process.


1. I signed up for this course because my past businesses have failed and I need new direction and better guidance.

2. My goal for this course is to gain the tools and techniques I need to grow a successful business. Specifically, I would like to scale my business to a $10,000 monthly profit.

3. Having more money will enable me to support my family in having a good life, and giving a good life to my children is the most important contribution I will make in my life.


1. I signed up for this yoga course because I became interested in yoga two years ago and I want to go back to the basics and correct mistakes in my alignment.

2. My goal for this course is to have better alignment in my postures, gain flexibility and core strength, and learn new techniques to reduce my joint pain.

3. Accomplishing these goals will improve my physical, mental, and spiritual health which will increase my daily overall wellbeing and happiness, as well as increased longevity. It's important to me to do what I can today to create a long, healthy, and satisfying life and future.

Dog Whispering

1. I signed up for this course because I love dogs and would love to have a way to communicate more effectively with them.

2. My goal for this course is to gain techniques to understand my dogs better in terms of what they need and want, and ultimately to be able to comprehend the source of one of my dog's anxiety.

3. Accomplishing these goals will improve the quality of life for my dogs and it is important to me to take care of my dogs as best as I can. They are my life.

After reading these responses, we can see that the questions are designed in a way that draws a direct correlation between success in the course with deep lifelong satisfaction. The task of taking this course thus becomes a pathway toward attaining some of the most important things in life. Having your students complete this worksheet is one of the best ways to cultivate a course environment that has deeper meaning and purpose.

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